Feb 16, 2011

Valentine's Fun

I so don't buy into the hype of consumerism on this special day. But I am so glad to have this wonderful day to enjoy. We like to enjoy it by doing sweet things for each other. We always make our own cards. And we started the tradition of going out to eat at home for our valentine's "date".

However, we were to receive a new treat on this fun day. Our sweet neighbor invited us over for a fun, girl's-only, Valentine's Tea. How can you not have fun when you have a spread like this before you:

It's all in the details...isn't it?! I am so not a detailed person, but I sure do appreciate those who do details well. The effort and time she put into this sure made it an extra, special time for all of us.

Later that evening, we commenced Operation Valentine, just like we have every year since 2006. No other restaurant can compete. This one wins hands down. And yes, we eat the exact same meal every year - it's called "The Special". Here are the pictorial highlights of the evening of wonder:

The Restaurant Name

The Chef and Sous Chef

The Waitstaff and Chef

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