Aug 21, 2011

A Little Reminder

I was given a gentle, hilarious reminder this week, that even though Gavin appears to be growing at the speed of light, and is the same height as me, he is still a child, not totally grown up yet.

Gavin, my 7th grader, was getting ready to go to school to get his new student i.d. made and find out his schedule for the year. To say he was excited would be an understatement. He even did his hair, brushed his teeth and wore an outfit that actually coordinated that I didn't have to pick out for him. All without me reminding him. Truly a sign of maturity (for him).

However, all on his own, he decided that he should also smell good. He was so proud of himself when he told me, "Mom, guess what, I rubbed deodorant (of the Gillette, gel variety) all over my face so that I would also smell good. I didn't want to waste Dad's face gel."

I just smiled, smelled his face, and indeed it did smell good (thankfully it wasn't powder fresh). I told him, "That's the way to think creatively!" To which he replied, "I know!"

There was no way I going to burst his bubble, he was oozing with pride. Thank you for reminding me that even though you're almost a teenager Gavin, you still love to share everything with me and you're still adorably cute and you're still very, very twelve.


Jennifer said...

That made me giggle :)

I can't believe how tall he has gotten!! Alex is still just as short as ever....wondering when/if he's ever going to his a growth spurt?!?

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