Apr 5, 2012

Eight Is Great

Eight years ago
I didn't yet know you
I had no clue 
Your eyes would be blue
I couldn't imagine 
The joy you would bring
Each time my ears
Would hear you sing
Who knew the smile 
That lights your face
Would melt me each time
And remind me of grace
I didn't yet know
Exactly how much 
You would be crazy in love 
With horses and such
Who knows their child
Before they are born
God does and he teaches us
To not be forlorn
But to trust Him and 
He will show us the way
To raise you and love you
And help you obey
You are more precious
And dear to me
Than I ever imagined 
Anything could be
You are the gift
God knew I would need
I see Him in you 
And I see you in me

Happy 8th Birthday
My Love,


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