Aug 22, 2012

I Am The Moon

I am the moon
just a rock
dirty, dusty, dented
there’s no beauty in me
except that which I reflect,
the Son.
The beautiful and brilliant
radiates in me
reflects through me
resonates from me.

I am the moon.
I shine because of Him
not because of me.
The beauty seen in me
is only the glory of Him
shining in the dark
to give 
comfort and love 
 hope and light 
to all
in the dark of night.

I am the moon
created to shine 
because of the Son,
for the Son,
by the Son.
I am noticed only
when I’m reflecting
His radiant light.
I have none of my own
I cannot help the sun shine
I can only be
and let him do the rest in me.

(picture credit: Picasa Web Albums, Crescent Moon, Earthshine, Venus Copyright 1989 Jerry Lodriguss)



thelifeofbrynn said...

Did you WRITE THAT?!

Oh, my goodness. I'm in awe.

And just so you reflect the Son's light beautifully. You make me want to bask in it too. :)

Love to you, dear friend.

cori said...

yes...i did.

Chuck thought I copied it from a book I was reading :) I told him, "Don't you think I would quote who it was from? I would never claim someone else's work as my own."

It just came to me one day and I had to get it out of my I wrote it in the best place I could think of.

Thank you for the encouraging words.

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