Sep 18, 2012

Fear is...

Fear is a stain,
It discolors reality.

Fear is a blanket in summer,
It burdens you needlessly.

Fear is a cage,
It locks you in and keeps others out.

Fear is sin,
It brings death to your soul.

Fear is darkness,
It blots out the light.

Fear is a captor,
It binds you with burdens.

Fear is a judge,
It sentences you without listening to your case.

Fear is a mask,
It hides the beauty within.

Fear is a bomb,
It explodes in your heart, brain and emotions.

Fear is ignorance,
It keeps reason at bay.

Fear is control
It is a familiar place I go to hide alone.

Fear is the opposite of faith,
It demands you understand before you trust.

Fear is the absence of love,
It is self preservation.

Fear keeps me dependent on me
And separated from Jesus.

When I acknowledge my fear,
When I yield it to my Savior,
His love envelops me
And fear dissolves under its weight.

I am free.

Fear is...gone!



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