Jan 6, 2013


So. Much. Fun!  We were able to go twice while our friends were visiting us for Christmas.  This was their first time to ever sled.  It was rather cold, however.  But once you slap those little foot warmers on your socks and put on 3 or 4 layers of clothes, you're perfectly ready to go have fun in 5 or 17 degree temperatures....at least for an hour.

Bennett getting ready for some serious fun.

Whenever anyone went with Daddy, this is how they ended up, flying off the sled and landing in a heap - usually on top of each other.  There is a small bump in the middle of the hill that acts like a ramp, it was a miracle if you could actually stay on your sled!

Gavin and Pranav braving the hill with the 'bump'.

Pig pile on Mommy.  This is how I spent the entire time, with my mouth wide open, laughing, screaming or both.  This is also the first time I braved going down on my tummy.  No, we didn't make it down all together, we ended up scattered all different directions half way down the hill.

Rama and I are racing.  Unfortunately, we bumped into each other.  I never knew you 
could do bumper sledding.  Chloe and I usually rode as a team.  I think her unicorn hat helped us fly down the hill faster.



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