Mar 9, 2013

The Time Has Come

I guess I never realized that your coolness factor is directly tied to the music you listen to (as well as the decibel level you listen at).  Once upon a time in the house, my music (at least according to the kids) used to be the coolest thing we could all be listening to.  I'd turn it up full blast while cleaning house or making dinner.  This became my children's default.  They think I'm normal, thus what I do is normal as is the music I listen to.  I know cool.

Not. Any. More.

I don't know when the day happened.  My kids never mentioned getting a memo.  But seemingly behind my back one day, they all conspired against me and made their own playlists!  Now after dinner chores are done to one of the kids playlists and not mine.  I feel old.  I feel jilted.  I feel betrayed.

I can't escape their music.  I thought kids liked head-phones and ear-buds.  Not mine.  They like to share.  Unfortunately, I don't want to share a song loop that only includes, "Eye of the Tiger", "Set Fire to the Rain",  "Firework", and "Sirius" over and over and over again.  It gets old...and not cool.

I'm young enough to still know the difference between cool and uncool, despite what my teenager says.  I'll try to relate to him by asking him who sings what song and he'll be all like, "Mom.  I liked that song last week but I took it off my playlist cuz it's getting so old and not cool anymore."  Oh.  How am I supposed to keep up?  How am I supposed to relate if songs go on and off playlists at warp speed.  More importantly, how am I supposed to stay 'cool'?

I could worry endlessly about all this or I could just accept the fact that the time has come.  I have officially lost the status of "The One Who Can Answer All Questions", "The One Who Has the Coolest Playlist" and "The Cooker of the Best Meals".  I can accept that.  If I can only keep one title, I would prefer it be, "The Finder of Best Deals".  Okay, scratch that...I need to hold two titles to still be happy; the second being, "Nertz Champion".  As long as I own those two, I guess succumbing to the fact that I no longer listen to cool music doesn't sting so bad.  But seriously, if they would just give my music one more try, they might just grow to love the 90's and early 2000's.



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