Dec 18, 2013

Christmas Music

This picture says so, one, the kids are getting so big you can't even see the tree; two, Gavin could care less if he wears matching socks (inside out or not); three, they still have no clue how to hang ornaments and group them together on the tree so that I have to come back at later and reshuffle them so as not to hurt their feelings.  What it doesn't tell you is what we were listening to as we were decorating the tree.  I asked the kids to go put on some music.  Actually, I asked them this when we were in the 'putting the lights on' phase of tree trimming.  Chuck had assumed this responsibility and I felt he needed some inspiration or at least motivation to keep going. This is what was chosen:

Light 'em Up

Bennett had indeed outdone himself this time.  He picked the perfect song for the occasion as we were indeed lighting the tree.  This is Mallott's Thinking-Outside-The-Box at it's best.  And the bonus to it all was, my parents were with us to celebrate the festivities.  You can imagine their shock when that song came on when all of us were assuming Christmas Carols were in order.  But oh, this was so much better!  I believe they thought so too.

Then we moved on to bigger and better things like putting together the train tracks that graced the bottom of our Christmas tree.  It took a team of 4 to achieve a feat of this magnitude.  In keeping in line with the earlier music selection of the day, I found another inspirational song to help them push through the hard parts of the engineering process:

Josh Turner - Long Black Train

Welcome to Christmas at the Mallott's where you never know what to expect and have fun anyway.



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