Jan 24, 2014

Birthday DUFDN

When Chuck asked me if I wanted to go anywhere or do anything special for my birthday this year, but the only thing I could think of was DUFDN.  They've seemed to wane with time and I'm not quite ready to give up this beloved tradition.  I picked the theme of "Different Cultures".  Here we are in all our glory:

Chuck was an Afghani Pashtun tribesman, Gavin was Brolieus Caesar from Rome, Chloe was a Croatian peasant girl, Bennett was a Ninja from Japan and I was an Indian from Mumbai.  
Quite the international family.

I was literally shocked when Chuck came out in his costume.  He looked like he had a mask on.
He obviously won "Best Costume"!  I especially love the unibrow.

This is what the international dinner table looked like.

This was a beautiful piece of art Chuck painted for me.

And the best gift of all - time with my favorite people.  For the third time this year
school was cancelled because of excess cold temperatures.  The real temperature was -22 degrees, 
but the windchill brought it down to -39.  At that temperature, exposed skin freezes in 5 minutes 
outside.  So the kids got an unexpected day off.  Perfect timing.  We played Uno, Blokus, and my
 favorite Nertz!  It's a great day to be alive!



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