Feb 5, 2015

The Funnest Date Ever

The other night Chuck and I went on The Funnest Date Ever.  Actually, it was the birthday present he gave me - a cooking class.   And I knew it wasn't that he didn't think I could cook.  He just knows how much I love to learn things hands-on.  He found that The Cooks of Crocus Hill offers the most delectable classes taught by the most amazing local chefs.  We were in heaven.  

The class we attended was all about making sauces.  Our chef, Manfred Krug demonstrated how to make the most delicious Vinaigrette and Caesar Dressings.  We then got to indulge by eating a salad smothered in this deliciousness.  Then the chef broke us into groups and assigned us different sauces to make that he provided the recipes for.  The chefs held our hands through the whole process.  I could use this type of help every night at dinner time.   We made a béchamel sauce, a caramel rum sauce, pan gravy, a red sauce and a pesto.  

And best of all, we got to taste the fruit of our labors at the end of class.  I have not had this much fun in a long time.  Too bad these classes aren't free or I would be there every week.  Let's hope this cooking class brings my home fare up a notch.  At least I know how to make homemade mac-n-cheese sauce now (without using velveeta).  And you know we're going to be having Caesar salad with homemade dressing every night now.



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