May 29, 2015

Reading Material

Gavin and I hit Half Price Books the other day to look for some reading material for him to bring on the plane for his upcoming trip to Germany.  This is the light reading material he chose to consume:

He said he decided on the Quantum book because when you read the flap it says, "Quantum mechanics is the most fundamental and important theory known to man." He told me, "If this is the most important, fundamental thing known to man and I don't know anything about it, I better get started reading."  I don't think he'll be able to wait another two weeks to read this book.

The Hawking book came about from his love for cosmology as well as his personal interest in the life of Stephen Hawking, especially after watching "The Theory of Everything".  I'm glad he's only reading a 'brief' history because I don't think there's a plane ride long enough to read a 'detailed' history.


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