Jun 30, 2015

Travel Woes

On our last day of vacation, the one where you fly all day and wait part of the day in the airport for the next leg of your flight and then fly some more...that day.  It was not very good.  Apparently, it is Thompson tradition for someone to get sick on vacation.  We kept that tradition alive.  Isaac threw up on our drive into Zion's one morning.  We all sort of thought breakfast didn't sit well on his tummy. But come Tuesday morning when both Katie and Chloe have been puking all night long, we suddenly feel that maybe there was something more to it.  Maybe it was a virus.  Then, on the way to the airport that morning, Chuck starts getting nauseous. Chuck has a stomach of steel.  He's never sick to his stomach.

This had to be one of the worst flights ever, especially for Chuck and Chloe.  They both were throwing up in their puke bags as the plane was speeding down the runway for take off and as we're climbing into the air.  I've never felt so helpless.  I've only seen Chuck throw up one other time in my life and that was before we got married.  So this was traumatic for all of us.

The kids and I were sitting together on one side of the aisle and Chuck was in the aisle seat adjacent to us sitting next to two strangers.  He almost filled up his bag he was that sick.  I had another one at the ready to give him if he needed it.  Apparently, so did many other passengers.  Meanwhile, I'm also holding Chloe's bag for her because her tummy decides to empty itself at the exact same time as Chuck's.  They were miserable.

This was the sad scene during our 3 hour layover in Denver. 

Even Chuck fell asleep to escape his miserableness.  Not a fun way to travel.

Thank God, neither Bennett nor I got sick.  Unfortunately, all of Katie's kids came home from school throwing up as well.  John and Isaac were the only ones unaffected in the Thompson clan. On a positive note, it was only a 24 hour bug, so everyone was back to normal the next day - one day too late for all those plane rides.


Kate said...

Those layover pics are the saddest!! I'm so sorry we infected Chloe and Chuck!! We got your letters today. Thanks again for coming!

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