Mar 10, 2017


Apparently, I have the unique skill of sounding like Bennett. Not everyone could pull off such a feat. You have to make the person you're texting question the legitimacy of the texter. Bennett obviously excels at this skill. He's known for hijacking people's phones and texting random ridiculous messages in place of the legit phone owner to other family members as an attempt to stage a coup. It never works. He then opts for taking leaving stupid selfies on the owner's phone and/or changing the screen saver to said selfie. Always a joy. 

That being said, all of us try to keep our phones away from Bennett. No wonder I caused Chloe to doubt whether or not this was me. It totally sounds like Bennett. I didn't know I had it in me. It appears that the whole picture of a unicorn and the "ur mama" line convinced her it definitely wasn't me - who even says that?! 

So much for trying to be hip and cool and send my daughter a cool emoji message. I suck at 'cool' now. The best I can do is just mimic cool, I'll never achieve that status amongst the younger crowd. I accept that - but it doesn't keep me from trying to make a fool of myself. 



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