May 15, 2017

Prom 2017

How did this....

morph into this.....?

seemingly overnight? And now, as it rightly should be, someone else steps in and stands by his side.

Morgan, a sweet girl from Gavin's Mock Trial team (she asked him to prom). Two future engineers. Two friends, enjoying a fun night out together. 

They were part of this larger group of friends going out to dinner at Doolittles and over to Target Field for a night to remember. Somehow, Gavin found himself in a group with the Prom King - a fun person to hang around on this special night.

Their awesome Principal, Jason Berg, was at prom with his senior class tweeting live videos and pictures from the event. I was actually SHOCKED to see my boy, who does not dance (at least in my presence) actually dancing in this video. So happy for him!



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