Feb 7, 2018

Is This The Model Home?

Funny but true story. Some random people walked into our new house that we were already living in thinking it was a model home. Here's what happened:

Our house was the first on our street to be finished. There is still alot of construction all around us. It's not uncommon for the sales people to send customers to finished spec houses to go check them out.

Chuck has an awesome office set up in our finished basement. He can't really hear what's happening upstairs on the main level. On this particular day, I was away from the house. Chuck was on a conference call with work. But he thought he heard noise upstairs. So he put his call on hold and ran upstairs to check it out because he was sure I wasn't at home.

Turns out two people were standing in our entry way, shoes off staring to walk down the hallway towards the living room. Chuck is still at the top of the stairs and is a little befuddled by their presence. They ask, "Is this the model home?" He says, "No...this is a private residence."

The potential new home buyers had two different reactions. The wife was mortified and immediately started putting her shoes back on and backing out the door. The husband continued walking down the hall towards our living room asking, "So is that a bay window?"

Chuck was like, "I'd love to show you around, but I work from home and right now I'm in the middle of a meeting, so I need to ask you to leave." Awkward!

Lesson learned: lock the front door.


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