Oct 28, 2018


A lot has changed since the days of the "Daddy Daughter Dance." This was 2009. 

Fast forward to 2018 and now Chloe goes to homecoming dances in HIGH SCHOOL with friends.

 These adorable girls were so giddy to be dressing up and doing a legit 'big people' activity.

Chloe and Brooke (the girl on the right) even let me do their hair. But my make-up skills are now sub-par to their standards. I think their skills speak for themselves. These are adorable girls, inside and out.

The backs of dresses are just as important as the front.

Bennett usually drives these girls to lunch most days, so they are very familiar with him. Poor guy has 3 sisters now. They begged him to be in the picture with him. He conceded as long as his beloved basketball could be in the picture with him.

In her heels, Chloe was taller than Bennett and wanted to be sure to document it. Bennett was not happy about this fact.

They started getting ready at our house at 5pm. We were hoping the lighting would be better for pictures, apparently we timed that wrong because as you can see, it was already dark outside. I filled them up with some tortilla soup and then another parent drove them to the venue. (They skipped out on the actually homecoming football game, cuz who likes to stand during a whole football game?) The dance started at 8. The girls arrived fashionably late at 8:20 and managed to stay until 9:30pm.

Growing up is the best. Watching them grow up is a little harder, but equally joyful. I share their excitement and giddiness because I remember how I felt. Plus, it's hard to believe I'm not that age anymore...and that my makeup skills suck.


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