Feb 17, 2019

College Visits...Take Two

Last year, Bennett and I went on his first college visit. It was at the University of Northern Colorado, only a 30 minute drive from where we live. He was like: meh.  Not the reaction I was expecting from a kid who was excited about the major they offered. But that's why you go visit colleges, because the vibe you get is super important. Can you see yourself living there for 4+ years?

Take two. This weekend we went to visit UCCS - University of Colorado, Colorado Springs. It was love at first sight. This is the view from the parking lot as we were walking to the Visitor's Center.

It already met one of his key criteria - a gorgeous view. He said he has to be able to see the mountains from wherever he lives. It makes him feel happy and thankful to be alive. It feeds his soul. Mountains. Check!

It has to have cool colors and a cool logo. Check. They are the black and gold Mountain Lions. They are part of the larger CU school system. The main campus is located in Boulder which is almost double the size of this campus as well as double the cost. He also prefers to be cost efficient, just like his mother.

They have an incredible Recreation Facility and awesome hoops. But more important than that - they have the major he really wants...Strength and Conditioning. And as the cherry on top, Colorado Springs has 3 basketball training facilities in and around the city. Since his ultimate goal is to be a basketball trainer, this is huge! This means there are 3 potential places where he can intern.

It's close to home. Check. He is our homebody. He loves to hang out with us (and vice versa). The school is only a short 2 hours away from home. Far enough away to feel like he's legitimately living on his own, but close enough to come home as often as he likes. 

There is an expression in Colorado called, "Colorado Cool."  This school has it. It has a really laid-back, chill vibe. It's a relatively new school with modern looking buildings that really appeal to Bennett. During the opening presentation they mentioned that all freshman have access to unlimited food at the dining halls. I don't think he heard a thing after that. That phrase alone is one of his favorite things. They reached his heart. I think they have his vote.


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