Apr 27, 2020

Fam Prom 2020

Our goal with Fam Prom was not to replace Prom, because that experience is irreplaceable, but to give him happy memories associated with Prom, even if those memories involved dancing with his crazy family. If nothing else, it was fun to dress up.

Since most restaurants are open for pick-up still, we decided to order from our favorite Mexican restaurant for this special night. Thank you Blue Agave for giving us plenty of energy to dance like it's 1999.

 And it wouldn't be Prom without a punch bowl and small desserts. 

I think that might have been Bennett's favorite part of the night.


 Of course we got plenty of snarky looks. This is where the "cool kids" hung out. Notice the absence of Chuck and I. 

I'm embarrassed to admit this, but we have zero clue how to dance. We have no rhythm, no bounce (which we just learned from our tutorial was super important), no natural sense of what "cool" looks like while your dancing, no beat, no idea what to do with our hands while our feet move, no nothing. And since Prom is mostly about dancing (as well as the punch bowl) we decided that we would watch these terrific dance tutorials on YouTube and then incorporate them into the playlist that Chloe and Bennett worked hard to agree upon. You guys!! This guy was awesome! He's a great teacher. Granted, the only thing I can do when I dance is count, but I feel we learned some smooth moves and are in a better position not to embarrass ourselves. 

This is WITH the tutorial.

Even Bennett and Chloe danced together for 7 whole seconds.

I took a picture in case the video went by too fast for you.

Of course, Bennett had some dance moves up his sleeve that were were unaware of.

He was full of surprises.

Chloe and I closed the place down with our final dance that was nothing we learned on our tutorial. We were free-styling it at this point. We found our rhythm.

This looks like a happy Prom boy with old, crazy parents. 

We ended the night watching "Hitch." This was this exact scene we had in mind when we were doing our dance tutorials. Some people are blessed with natural dance moves. Others of us are not.



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