Jul 7, 2004

Lego Mom Extraordinaire

7/07/2004 — cori

At the risk of sounding like I'm tooting my own horn, I feel I must share a new skill I've acquired. I can now put Legos together to meet my 5 year old son's standards and receive the all important praise of "cool, mom".

At first I was only good for finding the pieces in the pile of 3005 miscellaneous pieces. I even thought that was all the talent I possessed when it came to Legos. But my son urged me on. And come to find out, I too, can make sense of the diagrams and put together a robot or dump truck right along with the best of them. Mind you, I'm not as creative. I can't just whip some creation out of my hat. I MUST follow the directions. But I'm gaining confidence.

Yet another skill to add to my Mommy resume. :)

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