May 19, 2010

Know Your Name

5/19/2010 — cori

A couple days ago Bennett asked me what his name meant. Evidently, he'd been talking to some friends at school who knew what their names meant and he became curious as to what his meant. I remember that I loved what it meant when we chose it, but for the life of me, I couldn't remember what it meant when he asked me. Thus a trip down memory lane ensued when we had to take out his baby book to look up the meaning.

Bennett means: One Who Walks With God

He produced a big smile on his sweet little face.

Then this morning he tells me, "Mom, I've been thinking...I think I want to start acting like what my name means."

*this is where my heart is melting with joy over the sensitivity of this sweet child*
I told him that was a very mature thing to want to do and asked him what prompted it. He replied, "Well...I just think I need to start taking it more who I am."

Only God can inpart wisdom like that to a person.

I asked him, "What would that look like?" He sat contemplative for a few seconds and then answered, "I think I should probably starting thinking more before I act, put others before myself and just remember what it means to walk with God."

When God does the work, people are moved to action. I had no hand in this other than hours of prayer over his little life. It is a joyous thing to watch God at work in the hearts and lives of those around you and especially touching when one of those lives is your own little 8 year old.

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