Jan 7, 2015

Winter Break

1/07/2015 — cori
The school calendar dictates so much of our year that it's always a treat to have time off.  It is treasured and guarded and always made the most of.  This winter break was no different.

We took your typical family photos.  Our family at it's most normal.

We visited with my brother and his family who came up for
two weeks of fun-filled, very cold, family activities.

We walked through an Antique Store with the girls.  I kept explaining what things 
were to them.  They were in awe of most of it that they had never seen before.
  At the end they said, "So, most of this stuff is from the 1980's and 1990's?"  
I apparently failed to mention the appropriate time period each item was from.
I guess from their perspective, the 1980's/90's are pretty ancient.

Chuck spent an entire day putting together the grown-up version of Legos - IKEA furniture.
It came in 11 boxes!  Chuck definitely wins "Perseverance of the Year" award.  What we do for love!

And voila!  Only 24 hours later, Chloe now has her very own loft bed. A dream come true.

Speaking of dreams....we gave the boys tickets to see their best friends in Texas for Christmas
for a whole week.  That meant they had to take their first ever plane ride without me.  
They did great and even got bumped up to first class.

Here are the besties celebrating on New Year's Eve with white grape juice.

They also got the added bonus of spending time with very dear friends they've 
had since they were 5 and 3.  I love how their friendships pick up right where they left off.

We went tubing down this awesome hill.  Talk about a (cold) thrill ride!
We went to Stillwater to go on a super fun cave tour that included a wine tasting.

And we closed out the break ice-skating in circles at the Landmark Center in 
downtown St. Paul.  The temps soared into the mid-30's on this cheerful day.

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