May 16, 2005

Our Batcave

5/16/2005 — cori

You may not be aware of this fact, but we have a Batcave in our house. Don't all normal, suburban families who have little superheroes living with them?

It sits hidden behind the sofa. Our sofa sits about 3 feet away from the wall, leaving a small little walkway to and from the patio. Also, along that wall are situated two bookcases. Those bookcases, I have been informed (from the upperlevels of superhero management in our house - meaning "SuperGavin") house all the pertinent information necessary to catching criminals. Personally, I remember putting all my old, collectible, harbacked books on those shelves.

The back of the sofa morphs into the computer mainframe where they work tirelessly on all their superhero computer stuff (so I've been told). If you continue on a little farther down the corridor behind the sofa that leads to the patio door, you will soon stumble upon their "workout room". Don't superheroes need to be strong? Therefore, there is a designated place for doing sit-ups and push-ups.

If you were thinking of attempting to sit on the chair in the corner of the living room, caddiy-cornered to the sofa, you would be mistaken in your assumption that it is just an ordinary chair. For when it is being used under the guise of a Batcave, the chair becomes the all important laboratory. I saw my young superheroes over in that vicinty a time or two and asked what they were up to -but you know, it's super secret crime fighting stuff and can't be trusted in the hands of mere mortal parents. Do you think we take this superhero stuff to an extreme or what?

Lastly, before entering the Batcave, you are greeted with 3 little orange sticky notes written in "SuperGavin's" handwriting (therefore, it's only phonetically correct and takes a PhD to decifer). One note warns: "No Grls Alloud". The next note cautions: "Onle Super Heros Alloud". And finally, because of the sensitive nature of the Batcave we are told: "No Gronups Alloud".

Did you know my little superheroes' alter egos? When Gavin is not busy fighting crime is the nonchalant "Gavin Eddie" (Very original being that his given name is "Gavin Edward Mallott"). Even funnier yet is "SuperBennett". He's alias is "Bennett Eddie". He refuses to go by his given middle name and would rather copy brother any day of the week.

I'm so thankful for my little superheroes!!! I just love their imagination!!

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