Jan 20, 2009

Fun With Hair

1/20/2009 — cori
We got to spend the weekend with Uncle John and Aunt Karen...just thought you might like to see what we do for fun...who knew wigs held the key to hours of endless fun and laughter?

Seeing Double

1/20/2009 — cori

It would probably come as no surprise to anyone who knows me that I have a few O.C.D tendencies - but just a rare few, mind you. However, I was shocked to discover one all by myself yesterday. When one of your character traits comes right out and smacks you in the face, it's a little humbling - okay, it's a lot humbling. I have been seeing this particular trend building subtly over the past few weeks...but yesterday, it just seemed to blow in with all its fury and unleash it's odd head. I bet I have you on the edge of your seats by now, "what in the world could this be?" you are probably wondering as you bite your nails.

Well, its really not all that interesting. Maybe you even already knew this about me and just overlooked it and loved me anyways. Maybe you're more surprised that I'm just now recognizing this about myself instead of the fact that I'm confessing it for all to hear. Either way, here's the big unveiling: I buy two of everything I have.

This only happens at the grocery store. Evidently, it would seem, I'm always afraid of running out of 'stuff' at home. After emptying each bag and putting each item in its allotted spot, I noticed that I already had one of said item. "Hmmmm....how odd" I thought to myself, "I thought I was out of that." Once I had uttered that same statement over ten times, I realized that this is now an epidemic, not just a coincidence. Here is a list of what and how many identical items I have in my pantry:

2 jars of Jif peanut butter
3 jars of paprika spice
2 boxes of wheat spaghetti
2 cans of olive oil spray
2 bags of sugar
2 containers of bread crumbs
2 cans of Crisco
2 boxes of mac'n'cheese
2 bags of 'baby sweet lettuce'
2 cartons of eggs

WHAT IS MY PROBLEM???? How can one person think they're that close to being out of so many things each week. This problem seems to be growing in momentum and size. I so need a shopping mentor who could help guide me and hold me accountable for my 'problem', maybe even ask me such questions as: are you sure you're out of that? Why am I not asking myself these questions? I believe I have three answers to that question: 1. obviously my mind is filled to capacity and can hold no more information and talks back to itself when asked a simple question (that one is dangerously close to reality) or 2. someone is twisting my arm as I walk through the confines of the grocery store under duress making me buy all sorts of duplicate items or 3. maybe I actually am a slight bit OCD and having twos of everything puts me at ease and calms some inner fear I may have....who knows. You be the judge.

Let's not even get into how many loaves of bread I buy each week just in case we run out. I don't even buy in bulk people! How pathetic am I?

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