Jun 6, 2019

Chloe's Dream

6/06/2019 — cori

This is Chloe's friend Katie. She is super sweet. They are super tight. The other day, Chloe told me about a dream she had that involved Katie. I have to record it here because it was so hilarious I didn't want to forget it.

So in the dream, Katie and her family are going on a trip to Mexico. Katie calls Chloe last minute and tells her that her sister can't come and they want her to come instead. Chloe asks me. I say (and this is the proof that it's a dream), "Well...you have your finals this week, Honey. But I guess I could take them for you."

While she's in Mexico, she gets a notification from school saying she has to retake 9th grade. Apparently I failed all her finals. She was not happy with me.

A couple insights into this dream: 1) I think Chloe was nervous about finals  2) I think she had visions of running away and escaping them  3) I think she thinks I'm more lenient than I am  4) I think she's afraid of failing 9th grade and 5) why am I not as smart as a 9th grader?

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