May 23, 2006

High Aspirations

5/23/2006 — cori

Today at lunch we were having a nice enjoyable time eating when out of nowhere, Gavin decides to inform us of his future career goals. I have NO IDEA how this frame of thought originated or even why he was thinking this far down the road. Evidently, having a plan is very important to him. So as not to delay the inevitable, here's where my son sees himself, the next 15 years.

And I quote...."Mom, when I grow up, I want to be one of those guys that drives the garbage trucks with the green down the sides of it. You know, he's the one who picks up the recyclables. I'd like to do that."

I know he said this aloud for 2 reasons. One, so that all would know that he indeed has a plan. And two, to receive his mother's affirmation and to gauge my response. This is where I have to put aside all my plans for his life and assure him that he will do an awesome job at whatever he chooses to do when he grows up. Then I need to let him dream and enjoy the road that God is leading him down. It's way more fun to experience life together than to force my way and desires on him. However, I personally think all this has come about by reading too much Bernstein Bears Don't Pollute.

And you can be assured that Bennett didn't let the moment pass without also informing us of his adult profession. He is going to be a superhero. Period. There will be no redirecting this quest. He is already too far down the training path to turn back now.

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