Mar 20, 2014

Kids Say The Darndest Things

3/20/2014 — cori

Even though my kids aren't 3 any more, they still say adorable things sometimes.  Take this morning for instance.  Gavin has a choir concert tonight.  This means he has to go to school dressed up in dress pants and shirt and a tie.  He comes up after getting ready and looks like he slept in his dress clothes.  I told him he would have to go back down and iron his pants (I was hoping for the shirt as well but he said it was supposed to look that way, that it has a 'rough' look.  Pick your battles, right?).  He must have known that was coming cuz he didn't even bat an eyelash, he just obediently went back downstairs to set up the ironing board.  He comes back up asking for assistance in ironing his pants. Since he's never ironed pants before, a little tutorial was in order.

He had them lying on the ironing board the wrong way.  So the first thing I did was lay the pants in a way that you would get a great crease along the front of the leg.  He was watching my every move and commenting.  This is exactly what he said to me, "I knew you were supposed to have a line down the front but I just didn't know how to summon the crease."  To which I immediately responded, "Watch and learn my friend, this is how you summon a crease."

His brain cracks me up!

Then as we're eating breakfast this morning Chloe asks me, very seriously, "Mommy, is it vain to write your name a lot?"

"No Sweetie, it's not vain at all.  It's just a very girly thing to do.  I used to write my name on every and anything when I was your age.  It's called doodling."

"Oh good, cuz I like to practice writing it everywhere."

So sweet.

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