Sep 29, 2015

The Booty Song

9/29/2015 — cori
The other morning, on our way to church, the kids asked to play music. You know, because we can't be in the car for more than 2 minutes without music. Preferably loud music. You never know what genre of song could come spewing forth from my playlist. I have everything from Classical to Country to Pop to Rap. Let's call it eclectic.

Of all the songs, this one was the one we listened to on our way to church. A little inappropriate for the occasion. But we all like it, so we jammed.

Seriously, we're pulling into the church parking lot with this song blaring. Bennett says, "Here come those Mallotts who just love their butts." Then we do our Walk-Five-Abreast thing into the church that we're so famous for. We looked like an album cover. Maybe if it was a shot of our backside, we could have even been the album cover for "All About That Bass".

Thank you, Meghan for teaching us to accept our bootys.

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