Mar 27, 2020

Quarantine - Week 2

3/27/2020 — cori

And the saga continues. I'm sure you've been anxiously awaiting news about our week. It looked surprisingly similar to last week with a few minor changes. The biggest change was the sun finally came out! Woo-hoo!!!

I was happy as the meadow larks that were sitting outside with me chirping away. You can just feel the warmth of the sun and all the happiness it brings.

 Since I literally had nothing else to do. I spent a large majority of the day sitting outside in the sun and reading. Granted. We only had one gorgeous 65 degree day. But I'll take what I can get (Minnesota taught me that!).

This week's book was called "The Darwin Affair." It was a fantastic mystery set in 1860s England. It centered around a plot to kill Prince Albert because he wanted to knight Charles Darwin. I had no idea how dangerous and problematic Darwin's discoveries were during his lifetime. Genius writing with many authentic historical character's woven in.

I was not the only one to bask in the sun. The girls tried to sun bathe the day before. There really wasn't much sun to bathe in unfortunately. But they sure enjoyed their time together social distancing. This was the first time they spent any time in one another's company in like 8 days. It helped rejuvenate their spirits.

And speaking of "rejuvenating", Chloe and her friends were using social media to help lift everyone's spirits. I was so proud of them. They were part of a "spread positivity" campaign on Instagram. Instead of focusing on all they were missing out on, they chose to find the positive. media for the win this week.

We got some deep cleaning done because why not?

And by deep cleaning, I mean vacuuming the sofa, something I rarely, if ever do.

We played Rummikub every single night. Sometimes multiple times a day. This is still the game of choice. I have no idea why.

There is also the daily dart game. I can usually beat Bennett if he plays blind folded and is only allowed to use his left hand. I hate to loose.

On the one glorious, sunny day. We broke out the spike ball and had us some good times! It felt almost like summer! 

We even Skyped Grandma and Grandpa and played a riveting rendition of The Dictionary Game. Good times!

We bought 4 puzzles. We started one. I think this pictures tells you all you need to know about how the kids feel about this puzzle business. But Chuck's having fun.

Another miracle occurred. I thought of meals for another whole week. I never cease to be amazed. And just for the record, pierogis were on the list last week, but we never ended up making them. We had leftovers that night instead, thus, pushing them to this week.

Which is exactly what Bennett and I are doing here...the pierogi making process.

Chuck and I have dusted off our old Duolingo accounts this week and have been busy learning languages. Chuck is learning Polish. His new job has an office in Poland and he actually has co-workers he talks to on a daily basis. He wants to show a deeper interest and learning their language is the best way. I'm back to learning Spanish. I'm just like my students, love to learn it - scared to speak it out loud. It's always super important to be learning a language while you're teaching one so that you better empathize with your students. I feel their pain.

Pilates is my ever present friend and "calmer-downer." It keeps me centered and helps ease my anxiety and nervous energy. Hmmm....that also sounds like Chuck. And Gavin. And Bennett. And Chloe. Wow! I'm so lucky. I have lots of people (and pilates) in my life that help center me. How thankful I am. 

Even though these are challenging times, I have to say I'm so incredibly thankful I get to "be stuck" with my favorite people. The extra time we get to spend together talking, playing, just is truly a gift.

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