Jul 18, 2013

No Camping For You

7/18/2013 — cori
There are many things we love about Minnesota but camping is not one of them.  There are some gorgeous places to camp.  But EVERY time we have gone we've gotten rained on.  Not just rained on, but thunder-stormed on.  Not cool.  You would think that by planning a camping trip in the middle of July you would be safe from any random thunderstorm.  Think again.  We went way north.  Farther north than we've ever gone.  We were only an hour away from the Canada border.  Gorgeous country, but apparently unpredictable weather.  When we left that morning, there was only a 30% chance of rain.  As the day progressed, the percentage increased.  The forecast failed to mention the pea-soup fog.  It was beautiful in it's own way, but not when you're expecting 75 degrees and sunny.  So our camping trip turned into a hiking only trip.  We visited 3 state parks and felt like we had each of them to ourselves.  I guess when most people see fog, they don't think, "Hey, let's go hiking."  Not us...it just added to our sense of adventure.  It was eerily beautiful and quiet and awe-inspiring.  We truly felt like we were explorers first discovering some undisturbed piece of land.

There's a huge lighthouse somewhere back there behind the fog.

This is Lake Superior that you can't see.

A gorgeous white, Aspen/Pine forest that we hiked through.

Another fog-filled trail.  The kids especially liked kicking a tree and watching the water 
from all the leaves rain down on the person who happened to be walking behind them.

A long, wet, climb into the fog at Split Rock Light House State Park.

The tallest waterfall in Minnesota at Tettagouche State Park.

The suspension bridge we walked across to get to the other 
side of the Baptism River just before the falls. 

Chloe was rather un-nerved by the swaying of the bridge
and needed Daddy's secure hand to guide her across.

The boys just wanted to see how high up they could climb the bridge.

When the light was just right, it made for some beautiful pictures in the fog.

Walking out onto a break-water to watch a huge barge that was leaving the bay.

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