Jan 8, 2008

Chloe Questions

1/08/2008 — cori

Within the past two days, I have had to be quick on my feet when it comes to giving answers a bout life's questions. Chloe has been pondering alot lately. Here are her latest questions:

1. "Mom, a wong time ago, did vey use to use leafs to wite wiv?" It took a while to go through the data processing center inside my brain and pass through the 'translator', but 5 minutes later I was able to understand the basis of the question. "No honey, a long time ago people used to write with quills. They look a little like leaves though, don't they?" Then we had a nice, lengthy discussion on the history of quills, what they're made of, what you dip them in and why they didn't use to have pens.

2. "Mom, can my pink teacher in charge of her own felf, or is her mommy still in charge of her?" This one caught me off guard. You see, her 'Pink Teacher' is in her 50's, but her Mom, the original dance instructor who started the school (and is in her 70's) still sits in on all the classes. Chloe gave her a Christmas gift and the grandmother sent her a thank you note. This is the only thing I could think of that sparked the question. I loved her outlook on who controls whom. :) I assured her that once you reach your 50's you can control your own self. I'm starting to wonder if she thinks I have control issues....just a guess.

3. "Mom, why did God make eyebrows?" I have no clue. There is no answer for that question. I could guess that maybe it's to catch the sweat that falls off our forehead, but she wouldn't want to hear that. She is a 'real princess' and 'real princesses' don't sweat. This was a good time to divert to the old stand by, "Because God made you that way sweetie and God must like eyebrows."

There are many things in life I just don't know. It also just so happens, that it is those very things that my children desire to know. Odd. Thank God for the internet!

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