Jul 22, 2009

Sentimental Bennett

7/22/2009 — cori
Our children have just now started experiencing and/or noticing the joys of country music. Neither Chuck nor I grew up listening to country music (unless you count 'Alabama' for a short stint in 1983 - and that was completely by accident). As kids, you kind of just listen to the music your parents listen to. All that to say, that our kids have just now realized the 'coolness' factor of our music.

Everytime we get in the car, they always ask me to put in a cd. Now that they know the names of many of these country singers, they think they're hot stuff. Today Bennett asked for Tim McGraw. He's my favorite. On the particular cd we were listening to was one of my favorite songs titled, "I Know How to Love You Well." It's a beautiful, romantic, sappy love song. Chuck and I dance to it all the time.

Well...it seems Bennett had different notions in his head when he listened to the song today. He asks me, "Mom, can we repeat that song over and over. I like it." Sure, honey. No problem. Isn't that a sweet song? It makes me think of Daddy every time I hear it. He answers me with, "Well...it makes me think of Elizabeth." Seriously?!

If you will recall, Elizabeth was the wild, crazy, obstinate dog we had for 9 short months before finding her a good home. It has been over 2 years since we've had her. He rarely played with her. This is as much contact that he had with the fuzzy furball. As an infant puppy, she was quiet, cuddly and slept alot (the only way to have a dog if you ask me). As she grew, she became a menace. She dragged (literally, he was being pulled while on the ground) Bennett down the street while he was holding her leash, she attacked Gavin while he was walking to the table with his cereal bowl, she bit me every time I cleaned her paws, she chewed Chloe's doll head until it was a distorted monster baby. It is this very dog that Bennett has such fond memories of. That he sees himself loving so well. What a beautiful ode to the memory of Elizabeth.

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