Feb 11, 2014


2/11/2014 — cori

Yesterday Gavin and I were driving in the car while listening to my Most Awesome Playlist.  It is an extremely eclectic mix of genres and artists.  Thankfully, the kids have given their stamp of approval to some of the songs...the ones that have been released within the last 3 years.  The rest of them are considered "old classics" to them.  How anyone could speak of music from the 80's and 90's with that tone of voice is beyond me.  When I hear "old classics" I think of 50's music.  Since when did I have to start defending my choice in music? Whatever.

But now that I have an uber-cool 15 year old who knows everything and anything about "cool" and since I just recently fell off the turnip truck, I am forever under his "cool" scrutiny.  Especially my music.  So, back to the story at hand...we're driving around and all the sudden from my super cool playlist this song erupts through the stereo speakers:

Gavin: "Mom, I'm surprised you like this song."

Me:  "What?  You don't think I'm cool?  Oh! I know cool."

Gavin:  "I'm just saying I didn't think this was a kind of song you would like."

Me:  "Well, there's alot about me you don't know about.  I have a wild side you know."

He laughs a smug little laugh at me while condescendingly shaking his head and simultaneously smirking.

Gavin: "Mom.  I don't think you have a wild side."

Me:  "Well. Ok.  Maybe not wild.  But definitely unpredictable.  As you can tell by my playlist.  And I know how to be cool!"

Gavin:  "I'm sure you do." (condescending smile)

Me:  "Ok, so I don't even know half the words to this song.  I just like the "unbelievable" part.  Plus, it reminds me of college.  I think that's when it was popular."

So we then proceed to look it up since we all carry around mini computers in the palm of our hands these days.  We google the song only to find out it was released in 1991.  OMG!  (see how cool and hip I am, I can even type in text acronyms).  That is a long time ago.  Actually, it was the year I graduated from high school.  I told him we'd gladly play it for him for his high school graduation party so he could feel UN-BE-LIEVE-ABLE and cool too.  But he declined.  He says he'll put it off till his college graduation party when it will be more like 30 years old.

I'll still be cool then.  As long as they keep adding modern songs to my playlist when I'm not looking.

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