Jan 9, 2007

Freak Accident

1/09/2007 — cori

t is a pretty well known fact that I'm a huge clutz. I walk into walls, bump into corners of furniture and trip on a fairly regular basis. But I was unaware that I could possibly die from my clutziness. I almost died the other night. Let me further expound...

It was late and I was very tired. I had just turned off the computer and picked up a scrap book I had been working on and head back to my bedroom. I was walking with the book flat out in front of me, not held against my chest like normal. I round the corner to our room with a little too much velocity and forget that I'm holding a large object in front of me. I failed to take into account that I would not make it thru the doorway until I ran smack dab into it.

Everything else is pretty much a blur. All I remember is feeling like I was just hit in the heart. I dropped my book and tried breathing. I COULD NOT BREATHE. Then I start panicking. I realize my fingers and toes are tingling. I drop the book and start shaking my hands to try and get some feeling back in them all while trying to inhale.

Chuck then realizes that this was not one of my typical clumsy mistakes and realizes I am hurt. He was under the assumption that I just stubbed my toe. That is one of the major differences between us - I am a 'worst case scenario' type of person, thus, I am freaking out that I'm about to die. Whereas, Chuck, the 'eternal optimist' feels that I have a little stubbed toe. How did we end up together? Anyways...he comes over to me and leads me to the bed to sit down. After he placed me on the bed (I was still gasping for air) he turned around to pick up the book I dropped and place it on the counter. In that 2 second time frame, I had evidently passed out face down on the bed and started fribulating and convulsing.

Evidently he woke me up. Again, in his optimism, he felt I was joking with him. I don't know how to convulse and fribulate on my own. Why would I think of joking like that? He asks, "What are you doing?" Like I know?!? I had no clue what just happened. I asked him, "What just happened, Baby?" And he was like, "Okay, now you're starting to scare me." I felt as if he had just woken me up from a nap. I asked him, "Are the kids okay?"

Evidently, when I was 'sleeping' I heard alot of loud noise and woke up to tell Chuck to turn it down so it wouldn't wake up the kids. Weird. I know I'm weird, but that takes the cake for me. He told me, "Uh, no, Cori...it seems you passed out and I was shaking you to get you awake...there was no noise." Hmmmm - what do ya know. I then have an awful sensation that I'm about to puke and head towards the bathroom. I'm able to inhale small amounts of air, but it is extremely painful. I now lower my prognosis from 'death' to 'puncturned lung'.

Seems that I ended up bruising my ribs, inside and out and somehow jolted my body enough to momentarily stop my heart, thus, disallowing blood to continue its flow, thus resulting in tingly hands, thus ending in the grand finnaly of 'the faint'.

No need to panic though, I'm alive and kicking. I'm also walking thru the house alot more slowly. Breathing has resumed to its normal pace and I am no longer fribulating. Life is good.

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