Aug 10, 2005

Could we be having more fun than this?

8/10/2005 — cori

I just love days when we get to go to the park. We actually went to a park around here yesterday, but the odd thing was - nobody was there. This is one of the most popular, largest parks in our city and not a soul was in sight. No one was in the parking lot or anything. "Hmm, that's odd", Chuck & I mused to each other. We were a little afraid that the rapture might just have occured and we missed the bus. It was an eerie feeling. But we made the most of it and had fun anyways. :)

The kids had a blast swinging on the ever-so-popular circle swing that goes in circles as it also goes back and forth. Loads of fun for children who love to test the limit of gravity and stomach holding capacity. I lasted on the swing all of 10 seconds with the boys. Daddy continued to push them for another 15 minues, in the 100 degree weather, with a stomach full of a nice and refreshing Sonic chocolate milkshakes. You can see where this is leading....

After attempting to play on all the hot metal and wood stuff in 100 degree weather, we realized why no one was here - it was too hot! But that didn't stop us from giving our kids heat exhaustion. Yep, we made them have so much fun in the sun, that they were sick to their stomachs the whole ride home, were begging for water and threatend throw-up - not the smell I really wanted in the car. So we thru caution to the wind and told them to unbuckle and sit on the floor of the minivan and if we came to a stop light and they felt the need to puke, they could open the van door and hurl out there. Don't worry, we weren't driving at speeds in excess of 2 miles an hour. We ended up getting stuck on some back, country road in 'traffic'.

Poor guys were still feeling the effects of their fun swing ride into the night. They couldn't eat their dinner -but drank gallons of water. They refused to admit that this mysterious stomach illness they were both suffering from was the result of the fun we made them have at the park. They insisted it was some at all costs, I guess. Funny thing was, they asked to back and do it some more the next day.

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