May 17, 2012

Speech Therapy

5/17/2012 — cori

You would never know that Chloe ever had a speech impediment.  I personally thought it was adorable how her 'r' sound still came out as 'ur' sounding.  But it doesn't feel adorable when you're being made fun of.  Chloe was lucky to have the most wonderful speech therapist in school this year.  Chloe was determined to say her letters and words correctly.  She began speaking even more properly and articulately than ever before.

That's why my heart smiled super big this morning as I dropped her off at school.  She excitedly told me, "Mommy, I'm going to try to do a flip on the trap-uh-zee bars today!"  I knew immediately that she was talking about the 'trapeze bar' but I didn't correct her.  I love it.  I love that she's still young enough to pronounce words wrong even though she can still speak so proper.  It reminds me of those days that seemed to fly by way too fast where each of my sweet little people had unique pronunciations for all sorts of words.  I actually miss not having to translate for them or spend countless hours trying to interpret what they could possibly be saying in their limited english vocabulary.

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