Mar 12, 2020

A Historic Closure

3/12/2020 — cori
This is where Bennett and I were supposed to be next Friday. We had tickets to watch a 1st and 16 seed as well as a 7th and 8th seed game in Greensboro, NC. It was supposed to be his special senior trip. It's been planned for months. We had everything booked over 6 months ago, hotels, rental cars, plane tickets. We even had a fun itinerary of other amazing things to do in the area: visit the Duke campus and basketball museum, visit the University of North Carolina campus and basketball museum (notice the theme we have going here?), go zip-lining, go to the zoo, go hiking, go to the Civil Rights Museum. 

And now in a completely shocking turn of events, all of that has been canceled due to the covid-19 virus pandemic that is sweeping the globe. People are taking drastic measures to curb the spread of this rapidly infectious virus. All NBA games and  NCAA games have been canceled indefinitely. This is the first time this has ever happened. And it also happens to coincide with the first time we have ever decided to go watch this in person.

I'm very thankful people are taking this so seriously. I'm also thankful we found out about this before we got there. I'm hopeful these serious precautionary measures will help subdue the virus and slow it's progression before more people fall ill. 

The only silver lining in all this is...I think you can guess where we'll be next March. 

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