Dec 28, 2012

Sandy Hook

12/28/2012 — cori

In Memory

How do you tell someone you don’t even know
That you care more than you know how to show
About the pain they are going through
It feels like your own, like it happened to you
Our hearts are breaking as we cry
For each mom and dad who are wondering why
Twenty children are no longer living today
Because of the evil that took them away
While they were doing what they were told to do
Getting up early and going to school
Wanting to learn how to live in this world
Growing up to be big boys and girls
But the gift of life was suddenly snatched away
On this heartbreaking, dreadful, December day

The adults protecting the children inside
Were acting as heroes as some of them died
Keeping watch of the little ones in their care
As they silently, desperately whispered a prayer
For someone to come and rescue them all
From the horror that was about to befall
Everyone in the school and town that day
For God’s mercy we ask, for mercy we pray

All of us watched the news unfold
As one gunman acting so bold
Chose a school to take out his rage
On these poor children at such a young age
We may never know the answer why
Sometimes all you can do is cry
With the people who are hurting so deep
It’s called compassion and it’s price is steep
Walking with someone through their pain
Helping them to become whole again
Carry one another’s burdens, we are told to do
I will walk this hard, sad road with you

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