Jun 24, 2019

Minnesota Time

6/24/2019 — cori

This past week, Bennett, Chloe, and I got to visit Minnesota together.

We spent a great deal of time playing. This was the first winning tennis team.

This was the first losing tennis team.

This was the second winning tennis team.

This was the second losing tennis team. The common denominator is I was the loser both times.

However, I prevailed in squash against Bennett.

We tried our luck on indoor courts to no avail. We can't seem to beat a 69 and 71 year old no matter how hard we try. Granted, Bennett was playing with tendonitis in his knee and I was still recuperating from the accident. But we sure gave them a run for their money.

While we were busy playing, Chloe was doing a different sort of playing. She was visiting her favorite little neighbors and playing all the fun imagination games they used to play. She talks about these sweet girls all the time and sure does miss them. I'm so glad they were home and had the time to get together on such short notice.

And life just doesn't get better than getting the chance to visit with your best friend from Minnesota. Chloe and Aspen had a few hours to catch up, which is nowhere near enough for two 15 year olds, but any time together was a gift in itself. They took what they could get and made the most of it.

But this was the real reason for our visit. 

We came to surprise my parents for their 50th wedding anniversary. Sveta carved this amazing watermelon.

As well as made this incredibly delicious cake. All I made was a little video - no food.

We had fun taking lots of pictures on the beautiful grounds of the Falconer Vineyards in Red Wing, Minnesota. 

The grandparents with all the grandkids except for Gavin.

Ryan and Sveta and the girls.

Me and the kids.

A nice stroll through the vineyard. It was a wonderful, memorable time.

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