Oct 26, 2017

I Need To Take My Pants Off

10/26/2017 — cori

As a family we have watched this movie (The Lego Movie) at least 5 times. It is chalk-full of so many great one-liners! Both Chuck and Bennett have used Batman's infamous line more times than I can count, "I only work in black, or really, really, dark grey."  as well as, "If this relationship is gonna work out between us, I need to feel free to party with a bunch of strangers whenever I feel like it." But what I didn't expect was our own version of the "Honey, where are my pants?" line.

Over the past year, it seems that whenever Chuck gets home from work (or anywhere for that matter) the first thing he says as he walks in the door is, "I need to take my pants off." It's become our family's code for: I need to get comfortable and I need to do it now. It usually involves changing into basketball shorts (for the boys) or comfy pajama pants (for the girls). We just like to chillax.

It's not like we walk into the house and immediately step out of our clothing. I mean, not now-a-days at least. The kids used to do that 10 years or so ago. Their outfit of preference was plain old underwear (forwards, backwards, inside out, on your head...whatever...anything goes). We've raised the bar a bit since then. Underwear are optional; pants aren't.

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