Jun 11, 2015

World Traveling Gavin

6/11/2015 — cori
Gavin has had a penchant toward superheroes as long as he has been alive.  For a while, Batman and Superman sufficed. But then his imagination kicked into overdrive and he was never again satisfied with such ordinary superheroes. My archives document the extent to which his imagination travelled when it came to naming and inventing superheroes. When he was 6 or 7 he even made a powerpoint slide show in which he drew each invented superhero logo and listed out their powers.  I never knew who he was going to be from day to day since each new day brought with it a new superhero.

One day he invented World Traveling Gavin.  The title is self explanatory.   But how he traveled the world is another matter altogether.  This particular superhero packed up his RV and went out to rescue and discover the world.

It was sweet and cute and imaginative at 7 years old. But it has become a reality at 16 years old. In my wildest dreams I never imagined this superhero would come to life. Yet he has. In my heart this is who I see traveling the world at the moment:

But the reality of the matter is that my son is now 16 and closing the gap to independent adult faster than I can eat a cookie. Time has simply vanished. I don't know how he has aged and I have not. As my boy was flying over the Atlantic towards Iceland for his layover and then on to Munich, I could not sleep. Not that I was nervous or scared or worried. I just didn't think it right that I should sleep while he was not. Mom instinct kicks in like when your child is sick and you sit up with them all night and hurt with them. I spent the whole night waiting in case he called or texted - I wanted to be 'with' him and ready for when he needed me.

Actually, I guess he doesn't really 'need' me anymore...but I'm here anyways cuz that's what moms do. I am on the adventure with him, albeit vicariously.  I took such delight in the stories and worlds he created as a young superhero.  If anything, my joy and pleasure is increased even more as I watch those dreams become reality for my World Traveling Gavin.

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