Jun 4, 2013


6/04/2013 — cori
It's hard to describe in words the impact Haiti had on me.  That is one reason I set my pictures to music to share with you what was on my heart the whole time I was there.  The people.  They stole my heart.     They have such beautiful smiles and contagious joy despite the dire conditions. There is no way to explain the heat and humidity and sweat.  It was so HOT! Always. The heat and the rooster were the two hardest parts for me.  No one warned me that I'd be waking at the crack of dawn to a rooster alarm clock every morning.  I despised the thing. The landscape is brutal.  Yet there are pockets of beauty everywhere. I miss Haiti and can't wait to return. I just wanted to feel each moment. 

Haiti2013 from Mallott on Vimeo.

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