Dec 23, 2015

Bus Stop Drama

12/23/2015 — cori

This is exactly what it looks like in downtown Minneapolis when Chuck leaves work and heads for the bus. He's taken public transit now for over 2 years. It costs much less, is better for the environment and gives him a chance to unwind and read instead of fight traffic on his daily commute. It is a little inconvenient at times, but the pros definitely out-weigh the cons. Except for when it doesn't. 

Let's say, hypothetically, you're standing in line, waiting for the bus with your nose in your book. And also let's say, you never even glance at the number on the bus, you just walk in, following the people in front of you never once looking up from your book. And let's continue saying that you continue reading the entire time the bus driver is driving who-knows-where and are clueless to said fact. And let's conclude our hypothetical scenario by realizing that you are no-where near home and have actually been brought, unbeknownst to you, to a completely different city. That would suck.

Here is the text conversation Chuck and I shared yesterday about this exact same topic. What a coincidence:


12/23/2015 — cori

This little kiddo (the one on the right) is just learning how to say everyone's names. At this age (2) it always comes out in a unique, creative oftentimes funny way. It's like they're playing the 'telephone game'. After processing the words they hear the grown-ups say, it comes out similarly, but not exact. That's the joy of learning a new language. 

When these two were playing together one of the days they were here visiting for Thanksgiving, Bennett must have been doing something crazy to get Logan's attention. Logan's reaction was priceless. He stares at Bennett, shakes his head, turns around and starts walking away mumbling to himself, "Demet".  It was hilarious to all who witnessed the event.

First of all, it looks like Logan is beyond such childish, silly play that Bennett is trying to elicit from him. And it appeared as if Logan is shaking his head at Bennett as if he can't believe his juvenile actions, "that kid, when will he grow up?". Then the final straw was turning his back on him and walking away saying his name as if it were a swear word. Too. Funny.

Dat Demet!

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