Aug 2, 2016

That Time We Got Locked Out Of Our Car At The Chocolate Shop

8/02/2016 — cori

Believe it or not, this is only the second time I've gotten locked out of my car (3rd if you count the time Uncle John 'accidentally' did it). But I have to say, if you ever get locked out of your car, make sure it's at a chocolate shop. Oh my...were they ever nice! 

Here's how it all went down. We were running errands around town. We stopped at one location that Gavin didn't want to go in to. I have the type of car where you don't need to put your keys in the ignition to start it. As long as your keys are in the car, you can turn the ignition and it will start. So I left my keys in the car to keep it running. 

Next stop, Chocolate Shop. We all got out. You get to taste a bunch of free samples, so everyone definitely wanted in on this. I actually didn't even lock my car when we went in, as I am typically in the habit of doing. (All I have to do is push a button on the door handle and the car automatically locks.)  We eat our samples, buy our chocolate and walk back out to the car. Out of habit, I hit the button on the car door handle and the car locks. I hit the button one more time to unlock it, but it does nothing. Absolutely nothing. Uh-oh. "Guys, I think we're locked out." I peer inside, "Yup, see those keys sitting in the middle there?" Then I remember that I took my keys out of my purse and left them in the car at the last stop. Ooops. "Well we're in for an unexpected adventure guys." 

This doesn't upset anyone too badly for several reasons, 1) they've come to expect this type of behavior from me (forgetfulness),  2) we're at a chocolate shop, and 3) we're not in a hurry, late or have anywhere we have to be.  So it's kinda really no big deal, just an inconvenience. You would think by the kids' reaction that we get locked out of the car everyday.

I then put on my thinking cap (figuratively, of course) and try to decide what our course of action should be. I decide to try calling Grandma and Grandpa first. They didn't answer their phone, so I had to leave a message. At that point, I figured we might be waiting longer than I first thought. My next thought was to save the chocolates I just bought. If we have to be sitting outside in this 88 degree weather, I could at least rescue the chocolates. So I went back inside and told the lady our predicament and asked if I could please leave the chocolates on the counter while we wait outside. She was super kind and told us we could even come and wait inside and eat as many samples as we wanted! I thanked her but headed back outside to my awaiting posse. I told them what the nice lady said but we still had to come up with a plan B since we couldn't reach Grandma and Grandpa. It was at this time that I really wished we knew more people - especially people who can drive. 

Gavin and I were looking at the car like there might be some answer there if we just stared at it hard enough...and what do you know, there was an answer. There was a clear sticker on the window in the corner that said, "Mazda Roadside Service". "Ah Hah!" I announced. "I will call this number. Gavin, can I please have your phone again." At that moment, nice lady from the store comes out with 2 handfuls of chocolate bars and says, "Here, eat these while you wait." No wonder the kids weren't really too upset about this whole shenanigan.

That was another problem, I accidentally left my phone at home. I was already off the grid and off to a bad start. I was not feeling like a very responsible parent at the moment...forgetting my phone and my keys and all. Thankfully, 3 of my people had phones on them. As I was dialing the 1-800 number, Grandma calls back. I explain our dilemma and they are able and willing to help. Thank God!

As much as I love the sun, summer and heat, we decide to go back inside the Chocolate Shop to wait until they get here. Three of us sit on a bench. Gavin is sitting on a stool on the other side of me. He is sitting there sharing interesting things he is reading from his BlinkFeed. On the other side of me, Bennett and Chloe find it hilarious to copy every single thing I do and say. This is how we whittle our time away in the chocolate shop. And by eating chocolate bars, of course. Actually, Gavin is too practical to eat his, he hasn't had his lunch yet, afterall. You're supposed to eat dessert after lunch, that's the rule and that's what he's sticking by. Chloe holds out for a good 10 minutes, but then can't stand it. Bennett is shoving chocolate down his gullet the moment we sit down. 

Chloe and Bennett are very pleased with themselves in the first picture with their attention to detail of every bit of mimicry. The last few minutes of the wait drag out and we end up taking Zoolander selfies the rest of the time. Once our savior arrives, I pay him with a chocolate bar.

Just another day in the Mallott house. It's all good.

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