Apr 25, 2020

Quarantine - Week 6

4/25/2020 — cori

This would be the theme of this week. We all felt pretty blue, tired, down, sad, blah.  All the feelings of the past 6 weeks started welling up to the surface for all of us. All the psychologists say that we are all going through collective grief during this time. Grief has many stages and we don't necessarily process them in a linear fashion.

Even Ninja is affected.

It certainly didn't help that Chloe's car broke down for the second time right after picking it up from the dealer earlier in the week. The last post talks about this in detail. It ended up turning out great in the end, but it only caused lots of frustration and sadness on the front end of it all.

Monday was gorgeous, sunny, hot, and cloudless. Chloe and I basked in it. Literally. We are working hard on our tans here and doing it comfortably, I might add. No hard ground or itchy grass for us.

The rest of the week was chilly, windy, and cloudy. It felt like this going for a walk.

So the best thing to do when you can't stand being outside for any length of time is to paint. We decided to all try doing a rendition of Van Gogh's "Wheat Field with Crows."

 Gorgeous, right?!

Then there were our versions. Van Gogh makes it look so easy and simple. When in reality it is so complex and hard. Layering of colors, textures, brush strokes, movement....those are hard to do! But it was fun trying.

We're still reading the same books from last week. We finished our Netflix series (which doesn't help with our mood, btw). We did all our exercising, school, and work. Somehow the days go by. I'm shocked that it's week six. I'm glad I started keeping a record of each week because they are a blur to me now. They seem indistinguishable.

We ate food again. Not in this order. I reserve the right to change it up, much to my family's delight. And I'm not the only cooker in this house. We are lucky to have Chuck, concoction maker extraordinaire. He's also our Chief Sauce Maker. He makes the best sauces.

And I'll indulge you in a sneak peak of the decorations for Fam Prom 2020. I am determined to make Prom special for Bennett even if he has to have it with his family. This is going down tonight people. It's going to be a night to remember!

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