Jan 2, 2008

Kind Words

1/02/2008 — cori

I'm under the notion that kids copy you more than they listen to what you tell them. Therefore, I am forever making my choices very cautiously. Many days I fail and they get an opportunity to practice forgiveness and grace with me. Then there are other days when I see the kindness, thoughtfulness, consideration and respect mirrored back at me (and sometimes toward each other). It warms my heart and helps remind me that all our (Chuck's and my) effort is not in vain (because many days it feels as though it is).

In our house, we're big on speaking kindly to one another since this is a simple, great way to show love. Chuck, ever the optimist, is the best at this. I've learned alot from him. I try to encourage the kids in things I catch them doing right instead of point out every little mistake. The hope here is, that maybe they'll show the same kindness to friends when I'm not around.

So, Chloe has finally caught on to our "psychology" and has begun asking me everyday, "Mommy, have I told you yet how boo-ti-ful you are today?" How can you have a bad day when it starts out like that?! Today she quantified it even more by including, "Mommy, do you know you are boo-ti-ful even when you are not a bride?" To her, the ultimate beauty is being a bride and yet here she was, bestowing upon me, the deepest compliment she could possibly find in her little world.

Kind words go a long way. Even though I've had to pick up two dog 'messes' in the house today, I'm not the slightest bit irritated because I feel 'boo-ti-ful'. My spirit is uplifted, there is peace in the house and the kids are encouraging each other (at least right now)...don't underestimate the power of kind words.

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