Jul 17, 2012

Being American

7/17/2012 — cori

This morning Chloe and I were laying in bed cuddling when she decides she wants to write something on my back.  I am so not good at decoding letters on my back.  We were doing good until she starts trying to write an "A".  No matter what or how many times she wrote it, I just didn't get it.  In exasperation she says, "MOM!  IT HAS OBLIQUE LINES!"

"Well...you should have told me that from the beginning Darling.  What are oblique lines again and where in the world did you learn that?"

"I learned it in math and they are slanted lines."

"Ohhhh....so that must be an A."

Proud that I finally recognized the letter, she moves on to the next one, which was "M".  Trying to cut her off at the pass and guess the word before she writes it I blurt out what I think her sentence was:

We laughed so hard!  I couldn't stop giggling.  I'm not known for my great memory.  I couldn't remember the words she wrote on my back before the elusive "A".  Thus, the crazy sentence.

Then of course it was my turn to write on Bennett's back.  I wrote:  YOU READ LIKE AN OWL.  Which makes zero sense actually.  But, being his mother's son, he also tries to cut me off at the pass and declares my sentence on his back to be:  YOU READ LIKE AN AMERICAN.

Nothing could have been funnier at that moment to me.  I was crying I was laughing so hard.

What a wonderful way to start the day!

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