Jun 12, 2013

Talking Text

6/12/2013 — cori
Bennett is a changed man.  At least he feels that way now that he is the brand spankin new owner of a his very own cell phone.  He keeps telling me, "Man, I feel so responsible now that I have a phone."

He loves texting me (or anyone for that matter).  I get texts all the time.  Now he's even talking to me in person like he's texting me.  Here's an example of some of our random conversations:

Me: Bennett, would you mind doing those dishes for me, Honey?"
Bennett: NP Mom.

Me: Telling a funny story at dinner
Bennett:  LOL Mom!  That is so funny!

Me:  Bennett, how do you like that food?
Bennett:  Not so good.  HA! JK Mom

He sure had us in stitches at dinner last night talking text to us.  Never a dull moment.

What Language Do You Speak?

6/12/2013 — cori
We use words like daggers to bleed others' souls
because the void in our hearts is as black as coal

We use actions to manipulate others to do our will
believing that control will bring a lasting thrill

We seek peace in a comfortable life with financial security
driven by fear masked as responsibility

We live isolated and lonely with locks on our doors
protecting all our possessions instead of giving them to the poor

We crave love and acceptance at the core of our being
why do we spend our lives running away from this feeling?

The language of this world is: fear, lust, vengeance, control
looking out for number one is our ultimate goal

But the good news is, it doesn't have to be.
There's an upside-down kingdom called God's Family

It is opposite of everything our world holds dear:
trusting our self and living in fear

The goal of God's Kingdom on earth is ultimately this:
by the grace of God we can live daily in love and forgiveness

This is the language of heaven on earth
His spirit in us is giving birth
to a new way of living that brings life to us all
a daily choice to surrender and completely fall
head over heels in love with a Savior
whose language was forgiveness of all our behavior

His love fills our heart and gives us eyes brand new
to see this world as He sees you
where compassion and mercy and forgiveness abound
that's where my heart wants to always be found.

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