Mar 20, 2006


3/20/2006 — cori
Right now the boys are upstairs playing Spiderman…I’m not exactly sure how one ‘plays’ Spiderman. From the sounds of it, it involves lots of jumping, making noises like one is jumping and singing about jumping and web slinging. There is also the occasional conversation. The one I’m hearing now involves Doc Oc (as in, octopus) – he is one of the bad guys. He is a guy with mechanical tentacles coming out of some mysterious place on his back. Gavin is narrating something that sounds like this...”okay…his testicles are still hanging there…uh oh…now they're stuck on my face!...ahhh!” I had to stop and laugh at what a slight variation in letter placement of the word ‘tentacles’ has the ability to turn into! Of course, he’s clueless and that’s what makes this moment so funny. Innocence is a beautiful thing.

In Chloe's Opinion

3/20/2006 — cori

Keep in mind, Chloe is still a month shy of two years old, yet she already has formed very extreme opinions about the world around her. To call her opinionated is an understatement. Not only does she feel free to give you her opinion, she also demands that you agree with her and make any and all changes necessary in order to accommodate her. For example...

Today, since we didn't plan on leaving the house, I decided to wear a very pathetic looking outfit. Afterall, I was just going to be bumming around the house, who cares what I wear, right? I was soon to find out that Chloe did. So, there I am in my brown overalls and white t-shirt. Chloe wakes up and comes running over to me to greet me. But upon further examination, she stepped back, looked at me and made the 'yuck' look on her face accompanied with her special 'yuck' sound. This look and sound are typically reserved solely for her dirty diapers.

Now I'm being compared to a dirty diaper. Not quite the outlook I had envisioned for this lovely day. After her very verbal disagreement of my clothing choice, she pulls at my overalls and says, "New. New clothes, Mommeeee." I wasn't sure whether to laugh or cry. My daughter thinks I look yucky today. Where are all the 'pripee Mommeee' praises? I don't think I can survive a day with such disapproving looks and comments coming from my tiny dear. So, I reply, "Chloe, you don't like my clothes today?" I receive an adamant "No!" This word, she says very well of course. She likes to practice it many times a day.

Thankfully, I was allowed to pick out my own 'new clothes'. They met with much approval. However, I didn't have a 'nitnee' (button) on my pants and that bothered her slightly, but she was able to look past that fact and give me an approving nod on my new outfit selection.

I thought the difference in opinion about clothes was supposed to go the other way around and start in about 10 years. I guess this just ensures that I bring Chloe clothes shopping with me from now so that I always meet up with her ever changing opinion.

authors note: Granted, I looked pretty bad. I never should have put that outfit combination together - it was so early 90's. What was I thinking? I can only be truly thankful that I have a daughter who does not spare my feelings and tells me the truth for my own well being. How loving of my children to help keep me from common fashion faux paus and not live stuck in a particular decade.

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