Apr 29, 2015

The Compliment

4/29/2015 — cori

I love these crazy ecards!  They are able to provide humor and awkwardness all at the same time. Kind of like Gavin.  

The other night at dinner I must have been in a quiet or odd mood other than my typical happy, chatty self (tongue in cheek).  Gavin queued in on it and initiated his 'Make Mom Happy Plan'.  He thought that giving me a genuine, honest compliment would bring me back to Happyville again and all would be right in his world.  So, being the amazing small-talker that he is he starts off with, "Well Mom, you are a very good eater."  This is the nicest thing he can think of to say to me at the moment.

We all stare at him.  Awkward.  Even Bennett and Chloe know that is not a typical compliment. Then we all bust out laughing.  Mission accomplished.

"Why in the world would you say that to somebody?"  Chuck wanted to know.

"Well, she is....look at her, she is eating her food very good.  She ate it all and she is neat about it."  You would think I'm a two year old in a high chair the way he's going on and on.  I never knew my eating prowess at the table inspired him so much.

These people of mine - they are always watching.

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