Feb 1, 2008

Quick Change Artist

2/01/2008 — cori
As I came upstairs to play with Chloe this morning, I noticed how cute she looked in her tutu so I told her so. "Chloe, you look beautiful in your outfit today", I said.

In her high-pitched, special voice she uses when she's being a 'real mommy' she properly replies, "Thanks you. I got it on clearance." She says this as if its a normal thing to say. I guess I say that WAY too much if she didn't even think twice before blurting it out. That's a good thing, right?

And as if one cute outfit wasn't enough for today, she had to go and adorn herself in this special get-up. When asked who she is, she looks at me as if I just fell off the turnip truck and with a bit of exasperation in her voice says, "Mo-om...I'm cat woman!". Ohhhh. And what exactly does cat woman do? Well, according to my sources, all she has is a whip and she wields her whip as a handy device to help her climb buildings. Don't worry, our little cat girl only has an imaginary whip - and she uses it VERY well - and not only for climbing buildings!

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